Technology and Innovation Consulting

Our service for companies

In close cooperation with the Goslar Region Economic Development Agency (WiReGo), TU Clausthal offers technology and innovation consulting for companies. The consulting aims to link the innovation needs of companies with the scientific know-how of TU Clausthal and to initiate cooperations between science and economy. The consultant works in a regional network at the interface between the TU Clausthal and the companies. In direct contact, he takes up questions from the companies, identifies suitable cooperation partners in science in cooperation with innovation scouts, initiates and accompanies cooperations. Various forms of cooperation are possible, depending on the issue at hand:

  • Publicly funded research and development projects
  • Scientific consulting and technical services
  • Contract research
  • Expert opinions and studies
  • Student research projects
  • Innovation networks

Please contact us if you want to develop new products or processes with the TU Clausthal.


Daniel Tomowski

Dr. Daniel Tomowski

Technology and Innovation Consulting

Phone: +49 5323 72-7757