Internal Funding

Research Pool

The research pool is available for the targeted promotion of innovative research policy within TU Clausthal. In particular, projects and measures of strategic importance for research at TU Clausthal are to be funded.

Funds from the research pool can be granted upon application for the following measures:

(A) Funding of highly innovative lead projects with several applicants with the aim of profiling the research fields and coordinating the application for a DFG joint project

(B) Start-up funding for young scientists to develop scientific independence with regard to a third-party funding application

(C) Financing of the university's own contributions within the framework of publicly funded research projects in strategically justified cases.

(D) Improvement of basic technical equipment where it is the necessary condition for research projects

(E) Support of other research and transfer-related tasks of the university

Further information, in particular on the application and decision-making procedure, can be found in the Guideline and on the information page of the House of Research.

The form for applying for funds (measures C, D, E) from the research pool can be found in the form management under "Budget and Third-Party Funds".


House of Research (HoR)

Information concerning contact, chair, management, members, meeting dates